Rumah Baca untuk anak-anak di Wakatobi

Bertempat di Desa Mola Bahari, Pulau Wangi-Wangi Sulawesi Tenggara,  di perkampungan Masyarakat Suku Bajo. 


How to Improve Teacher Quality

ACDP Indonesia, Education Sector Analytical and Capacity Development Partnership. ACDP is a facility to promote policy dialogue and facilitate institutional reform in order to support the [...]


Pokemon Go as a Learning Tools…

I just downloaded Pokemon Go apps. Actually, it’s because of my son who now lives in Boston tells of hoopla around the house. This furor is as if everyone – young and old, [...]


Build Center of Education Partnership

On the far western of Indonesia, there is a zero point on the island of Weh. We often knew Sabang, a city that reflected the aura of the Dutch colonial era. At the eastern end, there is the [...]


Teacher and Training 2.0

Author: Totok Amin Soefijanto You are what you teach.  This is true for teachers everywhere.  The term “teach” here is not only standing in front of classroom and telling subject matters; [...]


UNITE to build Rumah Baca Indonesia

We are witnesses of the beauty of unity, all parties worked together to advance OUR NATION’s EDUCATION. From foundations, communities, companies and ONE Indonesia joined together to build a [...]


5 Struggle of Indonesian students to go to school that can make you stunned

Indonesia had been independent since 1945 and then, but the impact of freedom itself has not been felt by all levels of Indonesian society. facilities and adequate infrastructure has not been [...]