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Who does not want his son to be a successful person. Achievement brilliantly in school, independent of his life, and a source of pride for both parents even for the people and his country.

So, what have we done to achieve that dream ???

It turned out to send our children to the best schools alone are not enough tables, or we fill days of her with a series les-tutoring is it to develop their interests and talents are also not a guarantee of principal, which could someday make our children, being children  great success.

Examples out there, his son could be a tremendous success capital only “Confidence and Persistence mother” in educating. Call it, Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, former president of us, through the struggle of the mother – Tuti Marini, as a Single Parent, Mom well as father to his children, which in addition had to take care of all nine children alone, Tuti had to rack my brain, work desperately to still be able to meet their needs. Amid the scramble for a living, Tuti still had time to accompany their children to learn, even giving a good example and motivate children continue to be successful and useful.

Tuti confidence as a mother who managed to make one of their children to be great people in Indonesia even in the world. Habibie had when I was in college in Germany, there are people who ask, “Habibie there learn to make aircraft huh?”. But Tuti directly answer a resounding, “No, there Habibie learn to make the aircraft manufacturer”.

Can we as parents, when faced with the economic constraints, are still able to have a high dream for our children ??

And you know, that the family was Madrasah / first school for our children . Education within the family is very effective and strategic to instill basic values of life, emotional, justice and other values. Because parents are the first and foremost educators in family education. Parents also have a very important role in providing a stimulus to the development of children in the family environment.

However, sometimes it is poorly understood by parents and people who think that education is entirely the responsibility of schools and institutions. In addition to the mother, the father had to intervene engaged in a pattern of education of children in the family. Children who have a father figure in his side will be more protected from harm so that it has more intrepid nature.

A father has a firmness larger than that of a mother, because the father’s role is very big in producing children who are disciplined.

At least, there are three basic needs of children that must be met from family: Asah, Asih and Asuh.

  1. Physical needs biomedical (ASUH) Includes: nutrition, basic care, Clothing, board, Recreation.
  2. Emotional needs / affection (ASIH) Will create a close bond and trust
  3. The need for mental stimulation (ASAH) Embryo learning process, develop mental processes psychosocial: intelligence, skills, religion and morals.

      Then there are four parenting, which determines what our children will be the future.

  1. Authoritarian parenting style (Dictator)
  • rigid, dictatorial, forcing the child to follow the orders of parents
  • No corporal punishment and rules without explanation
  • Result: the child will be a lack of initiative, lack of creativity and communication
  1.  Indulgent Parenting
  • permissiveness, no charges and the control of parents of children
    Result: not learn self-control, lack of self-control / responsibility
  1. Pola asuh Neglectful Parenting
  • neglected, abandoned
    Result: the ability of poor children
  1. Authoritative parenting (Democratic)
  • by example, appreciated, encouraged, aided, affectionate
    given correction (not punishment) for children to become independent
    Result: the child more confident, independent, creative

So, they want to find a reason to let go completely busy working for our children in school and the students by les them? The future of our children depends on how we educate them in the family, not solely from which they graduated and courses!

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