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I just downloaded Pokemon Go apps. Actually, it’s because of my son who now lives in Boston tells of hoopla around the house. This furor is as if everyone – young and old, male-female, all professions and status soail – busy wandering to “capture” the imagination of Pokemon creatures that supposedly circulating on the planet earth.


Me to the garden behind the workspace, and turn the camera on my smartphone. Voila, on the screen caught “007 Squirtle” which was standing in the corridor leading to the toilets. I was throwing the ball Pokemon and the cute creatures that too caught. Hooray …! Creatures like turtles even this get into my Pokedex.

In science education, there is a term pedagogy. This usually involves the way teachers deliver course material to students. Actually there is another term, namely Andragogy. Rarely used, because this leads to adult learners. Pedagogy usually for children, whereas andragogy for adults. Just as we called the pediatrician as “pediatrician”. How could a game in the smart phone used as a learning tool? Perhaps, if we know how to use it.

pokemonGohpAccording to media reports US News & World Report July 12, 2016 edition, Pokemon Go can make us smarter. Simply put, this game makes players benefited mentally and physically. In addition, there are three other benefits. First, the feature “geolocation” which encourages players to know where he is. Everywhere there Poke Stops and likely to catch Pokemon creatures. According to the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill School of Education, the ability to read and understand the map is part of visual literacy. Second, the “math” that encourages players to take into account the strength before a fight with Pokemon characters. The degree of force is called CP (combat power). We can not fight the characters larger CP, although this game adds an element of W which can be used against a character with greater CP. Third, “memorization” which menodorong players given that approximately 151 Pokemon characters with distinctive characteristics of each. This game can train our brains to remember things that are important, so that we more easily create “archive” in our brains, and not easily forgotten.

Communications and information technology (ICT – Information & Communication Technology) are very useful for education. However, in any application in education, we must look at the conditions and the ability of teachers in applying ICT. Some people are already excited states that Pokemon Go will merevoluasi education. Many games or ICT applications that come and go. History shows this is not the application of ICT is important, but human ability – in this case teachers, parents, and officials in charge of education – that determines whether or not useful ICT. Let’s play Pokemon Go, and for teachers and educators: find this game for the benefit of education or the subjects of father and mother. If the game is to raise students’ interest and understanding, please take advantage. Do not forget, the 2013 curriculum, students are given the freedom to understand a lesson through the surrounding context. Please play, survived capture the character Pokemo Go. (TAM)



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