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Indonesia had been independent since 1945 and then, but the impact of freedom itself has not been felt by all levels of Indonesian society. facilities and adequate infrastructure has not been fully felt by the children – children in remote areas, especially in the field of education. Whereas the best investment for the State is investing in education.

Quality education can only be enjoyed by the upper class and those who are in the big cities. While our brothers who are in parts of the country the same rights as children in a big city to get a quality education must be laboriously to go to school. The absence of schools and teaching staff to make them have to work harder and some even gave their lives to be able to just go to school. They have to walk as far as 3-4 km, crossing a rushing river, and through the obstacles that extreme. But all of that does not diminish their enthusiasm for study. Here are five struggle of Indonesian students who live in remote villages


1. Students in Rural Struggle Sumba (Sumba)

siswa sumba

SDI Maulumbi students every morning to cross the river flow is very heavy to reach his school. They have to bare every going to and from school. If not, then the uniform he wore’ll get soaked.
2. The struggle of students in the village Cicaringin


In the photo above, elementary students are not doing outbound activities. But rather a struggle to go to school. The absence of a bridge that connects the village to make them have to cross the river by passing and holding a steel wire. And if they slip a few surely would fall into the river flowing. This kind of activity they do every day to go to school. But they were still eager to study.

3. Students Struggle in the village of Tanjung Sanghiang (Lebak Banten)

lebak banten

Turning to other villages in Indonesia, the village Sanghiang headland. The schools that are on the other side of the village and is separated by the River Ciberang, forcing them to be through the suspension bridge is damaged. Even the famous sites of origin of English, Daily Mail. Comparing students struggle Sanghiang village headland with dangerous action movie Indiana Jones.

4. Students Struggle in Kampung Batu Rot (West Sumatra)

batu busuk

Next came the struggle of West Sumatra, the students of this village of stone superman must travel a distance of approximately 7 miles or 11.2 km to go to school in the city field. The journey was not as easy as imagined. They should be out in the woods, past the bridge, which was damaged by the heavy rains.

Although badly damaged, leaving only the cable strands, students are still desperate to pass the bridge. They should be careful and keep your balance while passing through the bridge. If they can not get hurt, falling and drowning could even make their lives drift. Because of the distance between the bridge and the river is very high, about 9 meters or 30 feet.

5. Students Struggle in Suro Village – Pelampungan (Boyolali)


Children of primary school who lives in the village and the village plampungan suro central java is rather pass the water channel that connects the two villages to go to school. This aqueduct bridge is also referred to as “Shiratal Mustqim” because everyone who passes this bridge must have the determination and guts strong to cross this bridge.

The bridge was built in the Dutch era functioned for water lines, despite that children prefer to pass these waterways than menempuk distance of more than 6 KM. These drains shorten their distance to go to school.

After seeing their persistence is very strong, if our conditions are much better than they are able to be lazy and miss school? Let us be grateful for blessings that have been given to us to make the best of a good idea before enjoyment is lost.

Source : Asli Indonesia

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